Michael Thulin, CNE
"America's Leading Business Scientist"
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Disease Free Living
Michael can teach you how to eliminate many ailments with simple cures without the use of any prescription/non-prescription drugs, educate you on harmful products that are commonly sold to stay away from, set-up a nutrition and exercise plan, offer education on antioxidant/toxin-free living and much more.

Human Motivations/Desires
Potentially groundbreaking studies on human motivations, understanding the desires and needs that drive us. Similar to Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" but does not use the hierarchy format proposed by him. Creates a better and more simpler understanding of the psychology of human desires. Asserts that Abraham Maslow's and Ohio State University professor Steven Reiss, Ph.D work (In his book  "Who Am I? The 16 Basic Desires that Motivate our Actions and Define our Personalities") misses key fundamental aspects on this area. Michael's insight and research has led to the  "3 Laws of Human Needs ".

Theory of Innovation
Offering the most complete and systematic way to approach innovation creation in a corporate setting. This model allows innovation to essentially be taught and developed clearly and concisely in a classroom setting or retreat-style atmosphere without spending a lot of time teaching it in order to achieve needed benefits in a relatively short period of time. Teaching himself to be innovative as a teenager, Michael has pursued a lifelong interest in researching and understanding this important and valuable field.

Disruptive Business Models
One of Michael's passions is to design and build disruptive business models which can revolutionize new and existing businesses. Many industries are already seeing 'disruption' in their industry in the form of new innovations, technology and marketing.

Neuroscience In Architecture
Studies in the relation of human interaction and responses to built environments. How visual stimuli reacts to structures and investigation into optimizing the design of such structures for human use.

Trend Watching
Studying demographic and psychographic changes in society for identifying trends of the 21st Century. Watching for potential influences and triggers in societal paradigms that businesses can use to stay ahead. Among these are nanotechnology, RFID, Mobile communication advances and social network adaptive technologies.

Michael's Projects/Services

The First Daily Planner Designed For The Creative Person
 Anorganization and planning system that uses an open, customizable design for the needs of the creative community.

The DNA of Motivation
A new and much more defined look at the mechanics of motivation, what we do and why we do it. Work is currently progressing on a detailed 3-D scale of this discovery.

New Hiring/Candidate Selection Model
New way to hire that triples the efficiency and cuts hiring cuts by up to a third.

The Ultimate Business Model

A grounded and solid business operating methodology that forms the basis of foundation to which business strategies and decisions can be authored against with laser precision.

Business Development Invention
A method for businesses to double or even triple their business overnight for relatively little cost.

"The World's Best Education System"
Called Project Didactis, It is a revolutionary out-of-the-box model of learning that combines a world-class learning system with a dynamic knowledge classification system.

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